‘Typical’ Trauma Reactions

This section will review common trauma reactions and also help teachers and counselors identify students who may need referrals for ongoing counseling. Some schools have counselors and mental health professionals with the time and training to provide this ongoing counseling; other schools will refer out to mental health professionals in the community. Hint: Identify community mental health resources ahead of time!

Remember That Most Trauma Reactions Are Normal Responses To Abnormal Situations!

Reassure Students, Faculty, And Families That Their Reactions Are Not At All Unusual, And They Are Not "Going Crazy”!

It Is Helpful To Simultaneously Explain That Sometimes these Normal Trauma Reactions "Get Stuck” And The Individual Does Not Return To Their "Steady State” In A Reasonable Amount Of Time. If this occurs then it is important to Encourage And Provide Referral Information For These Situations!